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Luxurious Diamond Set * Rectify

The gift package includes: 

  • Annie Fannie's Sunshine  Nourishing Body Oil (4oz)
  • Annie Fannie's Sunshine Fragrance-Free Serum (1oz) 
  • Annie Fannie's Sunshine Cream (3.4oz) 
  • Annie Fannie's Sunshine Lips & Relief (4ml)
  • Rectify Eye Serum (.5oz)
  • See Ingredient List On Products Sold Individual


These hydrating vitamin-rich, gluten-free products give you all the benefits for a beautiful healthy glow. Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks, while hydrating what the sun and other elements take away. Your body can’t thank you enough for loving yourself! Be the best you can look while nourishing your body.

Consult Your Physician Before Use


Benefits of Oil and Lotion:

  • Handmade with essential oils & organic ingredients 
  • Skin-nourishing formula 
  • Natural oil for sunbathing 
  • Soothes sunburned skin 
  • Aftercare for tattoos


Benefits of Lips & Relief: 

  • Softens lips 
  • Freshens breath 
  • Apply to temples, jawline, and forehead for rapid pressure and tension relief

Luxurious Diamond Set * Rectify


    100% Money Back Guarantee - Please return product back for a full refund if your not happy with it within 10 days of your purchase.

  • No other discounts or codes can be applied

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